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We are students. We are engineers. We are MACAY.

Our Story

MACAY Labs is a start up technology company comprised of five high school and college students. Each of us has a passion for engineering and see MACAY as an opportunity to share our ideas with the world.

It all began a long long time ago – well not really that long ago. December 15th, 2016 – this is when our story began. It was on that fateful day Motorola hosted their very first Mod the Future Hackathon. The five of us, all of which decided to attend at the very last minute, formed a team in hopes of merely having some fun. After 24 hours of soldering, coding, testing, Red Bull highs, and minor sleep deprivation, we finally had our finished hack. We presented with no expectation whatsoever of winning. Imagine our surprise when our team was announced as the winner. That day, after the shock subsided, tears were shared, memories were formed, contacts were exchanged, and everything was set in motion.

Since the December hackathon, we used our prize money to refine and prototype the idea. Before we knew it, we were incorporating as an LLC, signing NDAs with Motorola, filing a provisional patent, and counting down the days to pitch day in Chicago.

Chicago was our most intimidating accomplishment as of yet. After a nerve-racking  four months, we finally got the chance to pitch our mod to Lenovo, Verizon, and, of course, Motorola. To our surprise, we were (once again) named the winners. More tears were shared, more memories were formed, more contacts were exchanged, and everything was set in motion once again.

We love us. We hope you do too. 


Here at MACAY we love a lot of things – engineering, creativity, fun, etc. We’d like to share a little more about what we love with you. Meet MACAY: M for Mark, A for Abigail, C for Curtis, A for Andrew, and Y for Yousef.

Abigail Brown

Team Coordinator & Book Lover

Abigail Brown graduated Staten Island Technical High School in June 2016. During her time there she spent the majority of her time working on STEM related extracurriculars including Science Olympiad and FIRST Robotics, where she became captain of the team her junior year. She spent her high school summers working as an IT/Media Coordinator at Lifestyles for the Disabled and as a counselor at Staten Island Tech’s STEM summer camp. Abigail was involved in another tech startup, Crypta, her sophomore year in high school that focused on fingerprint protected cyber security. She also became certified in AutoCAD.
Since leaving Tech, Abigail has gone on to study at Rutgers University School of Engineering as an Electrical and Computer Engineering major and is taking classes at the College of Staten Island.
Abigail is the Team Coordinator and an Electrical Engineer and MACAY Labs. She handles the majority of business relations and assembles electronic components.
Unlike most kids, Abigail grew up with a book in her hand instead of a remote. She loves being transported to another reality through the power of words. If MACAY's name is known by the same number of people as books Abigail has read, MACAY will be world renowned in no time.


MACAY Mascot & Bone Lover

Jax, belonging to MACAY member Curtis Mason, is MACAY's mascot and honorary engineer. He often takes over social media accounts, promoting the fun and creativity of engineering through his cuteness. Look out for #JaxTheEngineer on Instagram and Twitter!
Jax is a born and bred bone lover. Biting 'em and burying 'em - Jax always ends up losing his bones. If MACAY sells as many TrueSound mods as bones Jax has lost, we'll be in pretty good shape.

Yousef Alsayid

Head of Marketing & Cookie Lover

Yousef Alsayid is a current junior at Staten Island Technical High School. His affinity for electronics encouraged him to attend over five hackathons throughout his high school career. He is taking Advanced Electronics and Computer Science courses and has been certified in AutoCAD, Inventor, and various Microsoft licenses included Technology Associate and Networking. Yousef is heavily involved in community outreach and runs many volunteering and fundraising events as president of Staten Island Tech’s Rotary Interact Chapter. He plans to major in Electrical Engineering and hopes to pursue a Masters in Business Administration after he obtains his Bachelor's degree.
Yousef is the Head of Marketing and an Electrical Engineer at MACAY Labs. He manages website content and assembles prototype hardware.
Yousef has loved cookies since he was a small boy. From raisin to chocolate chip, oatmeal to macadamia, there isn't a cookie on this Earth that Yousef doesn't love.

Mark Ayad

Head of Information Technology & Basketball Lover

Mark Ayad is currently a junior at Staten Island Technical High School and is an intended Computer Science Major. He has been working with software from an early age and has received certificates in other fields such as AutoCad and various Microsoft licenses. Mark has also taken part in a professional scientific study at the College of Staten Island. Throughout his high school career, Mark has spent his time attending hackathons, developing apps, and working as a programming freelancer.
Mark is the Head of Information Technology at MACAY Labs. He is an experienced computer programmer and is well versed in Swift and Python which has prepared him for tasks such as App and Web development.
Mark has had an affinity for basketball from a young age. He has played on multiple teams and follows every game he can watch. One thing is for sure - if Mark loves IT as much as he loves basketball, MACAY will have an IT man for life.

Andrew Afflitto

Lead Hardware Engineer & 3D Printing Lover

Andrew Afflitto is a college sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering. He is the lead hardware engineer at MACAY Labs, designs and tests products, and helps write firmware.
Andrew is a 3D Printing Lover. Be it electronics casings, phone cases, or just small aesthetics, Andrew can print it all. If Andrew prototypes as well as he 3D prints, then MACAY has a confident Lead Hardware Engineer.

Curtis Mason

Lead Firmware Engineer & PC Game Lover

Curtis Mason is a Staten Island Tech senior who will be attending Boston University in the fall as a Computer Science major. Throughout high school he was heavily involved in the school's FIRST Robotics team as a programmer and was named Programming Captain his junior year. He has participated and helped promote a variety of STEM related community activities including the Staten Island Children Museum’s annual STEM Fair.
Curtis is the lead firmware engineer at MACAY Labs and writes the majority of code for MACAY’s products.
For as long as he can remember, Curtis has gravitated towards virtual games. As long as those pixels follow his command, Curtis is instantly hooked regardless of the genre. If he spends half as much time coding as he does playing PC games, MACAY will never want for a new Lead Firmware Engineer.